Welcome to Hunsdon Ducklings Preschool

Hunsdon Pre-School gardenHunsdon Ducklings Preschool is a small and friendly organisation. 

We provide play and learning opportunities for children aged between 2 years 6 months (ratio allowing) and 4 years.  We also offer a breakfast club, lunch club and afternoon play sessions within our setting.  Hunsdon Ducklings aims to provide a happy safe environment as your child takes their first steps away from home and family.

We want to provide a fun relaxed and stimulating  pre-school setting where children feel confident to try new experiences and become increasingly independent.  We offer structured and free-play activities that will enable the children to develop socially, physically and intellectually.

We endeavour to cater for all individuals needs within our small charity run organisation which values and respects everyone’s contribution.

Hunsdon Ducklings Pre School, c/o Hunsdon JMI, High Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 8NT

Telephone: 01279 841044    e-mail:  info@hunsdonducklings.co.uk